Development concept

Pursuit of high-quality development, bigger and faster on the basis of being stronger and better
Although there are risks in reform, the biggest risk is not to reform

Innovation concept

Boldly try, boldly break through, boldly do, as long as it is beneficial to the country and society, to the group and the enterprise, to the interests of shareholders and employees can try

Talent concept

Talent is the first resource, the discovery of people and achievement of people as the first pursuit
Let the strugglers have a stage, the successful have benefits, and the latecomers have pressure
Use people's strengths and make up for their weaknesses, and not to seek full blame

Market concept

Achievement of customers is the only reason for the existence of the enterprise, to be committed to one-stop service, to meet customer needs with the highest customer value

Implementation philosophy

Discussion and decision, decision and action, action and effective
First solve the problem, then divide the responsibility

Safety concept

Human life is above everything, enjoy safety, green manufacturing, and create the future together